Knight tractor-mounted sprayers go light and compact

Knight Farm Machinery has launched a new Xtra range of tractor-mounted sprayers with vertical-folding 28m booms and 1,600-litre main tanks.

Like the existing 1,300- and 1,900-litre machines, the new model is said to offer light-footed, compact performance plus advanced features such as full remote-control of boom functions, a GPS-ready Muller Basic terminal and Maximiser plumbing with pressure circulation.

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The boom folds within the tractor’s width and gives unrestricted access to the tractor cab, while its lattice design is said to be strong as well as giving protection for the stainless steel spray-lines and nozzle bodies.

The Xtra sprayers are easily mounted and demounted from the tractor and lean backwards when parked to create more space for operators to connect the pto, pipes and cables. 

Main tanks can also be supplemented by 1,000-, 1,200- or 1,500-litre front tanks.