Krone launches Comprima X-treme round balers

Krone’s latest Comprima X-treme round balers are claimed to have faster pick-ups, rotor cutters and elevator speeds as well as an updated bale transfer system.

The design of the chamber and wrapping table also allow the bale to drop from the chamber on to the table by its own weight.

The pick-up has a working width of 2.15m, and heavier-duty 6mm tines and a stronger pick-up are said to boost stability at high forward speeds,

Bale diameter on the Comprima F 125 XC is 1.25m-1.35m, adjustable in 5cm steps, and width of all bales is 1.2m. The semi-variable Comprima F 155 XC X-treme has a bale diameter of 1.25m-1.5m, set manually in 5cm steps.

The variable Comprima V 150 XC X-treme produces 1m to 1.5m-diameter bales and offers hydraulic density control by measuring and adjusting the compression force to match the pressure to the conditions.

The variable Comprima CV 150 XC X-treme and the semi-variable Comprima CF 155 XC X-treme models both bale and wrap in one operation.

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