Kverneland brings in bigger self-propelled feeder

After the launch of a smaller model at the Dairy Event last September, Kverneland (www.kvernelandgroup.com; 01744 853 200) showcased the 22cu m Siloking self-propelled feeder wagon.

The firm’s Dan Crow says there has been a lot of interest in the 16cu m model, but producers expressed the need for larger capacity to justify the cost. The self-loading 130hp four-cylinder machine uses a tricycle design, which means weight is placed over the front drive axle. Twin wheels control the steering and the machine has an impressive turning circle of 4.5m. Operation is single-handed via a joystick in the cab.

All models come with a programmable, on-board weighing system that can store up to 99 rations and an in-cab screen showing the views of two cameras, one with a view behind for reversing and one to show what’s going on inside the mixing tub. Air suspension and 15kph, 25kph and 40kph transmission options are available. Prices range from about £125,000.

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