LAMMA 10: Landini launches new 5H tractors

A new four-model tractor range that aims to combine the best features of two top-selling Landini models will be unveiled at next week’s LAMMA 2010 show by distributor AgriArgo UK.

The Landini 5-H Series – the first range from the Italian marque to be identified by numbers rather than a name in recent years – consists of four models powered by four-cylinder Perkins engines with outputs from 74hp to 102hp.

“This new range replaces the current Vision and power shuttle versions of the popular Powerfarm tractor,” points out Ray Spinks, AgriArgo UK general manager and sales director. “Landini engineers have taken the best features of these models, added further improvements and produced an excellent new package for grassland and arable farmers alike.”

Although the 5-H is the same size as the Powerfarm and uses the same Landini-built cab, some significant hardware changes are evident, including a new planetary reduction rear axle and a new transmission with three-speed powershift.

Other major new items include a choice of four different pto configurations with electro-hydraulic engagement – including three-speed ‘eco’ and ground drive – a factory or field-installed front linkage/pto assembly, and power-engaged four-wheel drive.

Two versions of the new tractor are available:
 Techno models come with a mechanical shuttle and 24×12 or 32×16 creep transmissions.

 TOP versions have a power shuttle for fingertip shifting between forward and reverse; the 74hp and 83hp models have a simple 12×12 transmission as standard with a 36×12 three-speed powershift option that is fitted as standard on the 92hp and 102hp models. A 48×16 creep transmission with three-speed powershift is available across the range.

Opting for a 5-H Techno instead of a Powerfarm brings the durability and servicing advantages of a wet pto clutch, says the company, plus the convenience of electro-hydraulic instead of manual pto and four-wheel drive engagement. There is also a heavier-duty rear axle, lower link draft sensing, more pto options and a push-out pick-up hitch as standard.

A 5-H TOP package adds a power shuttle and also more gears plus the convenience of a three-speed powershift.

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