LAMMA 2009: Hypro nozzle for pesticide containers

Getting pesticide containers clean enough to pass as non-hazardous waste is not always easy.

It is necessary to either triple-rinse them (which is a pain) or use a pressure washer (which usually fills them up without cleaning off the chemical itself).

The £35 ProClean nozzle from Cambridgeshire manufacturer Hypro EU claims to do the job much better. Four jets and a slow rotation speed ensure the inside of the container is blasted with water, while a fifth jet cleans the neck.

Hypro says it takes 7.5 seconds to clean a five litre container, 12.5 seconds to clean a 10 litre container and 40 seconds to rinse a notoriously hard-to-clean 20 litre container – considerably quicker than existing nozzles, it claims.

The manufacturer was also showing an air-activated sprayer nozzle called ProStop. Normally nozzles use diaphragms to stop and start, which can fail. According to Hypro, the ProStop is air activated, so it is better able to stand up to the frequent stops and starts that take place when GPS-activated auto shut off is used.

The system uses compressed air to open the nozzle and a spring to close it so it will automatically close if air pressure is lost. The company says that in tests it was 100% effective with no failures, even after 100,000 cycles.


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