LAMMA 2009: Patchwork shows new auto shut off system for fertiliser spreaders

Auto boom shut-off for sprayers, activated by GPS and capable of turning off each bank of nozzles in turn as the sprayer crosses a diagonal headland, is now one of the most popular fitments for anyone doing a lot of spraying.

Now it’s the turn of auto-shut-off for fertiliser spreaders to see a rise in popularity and Patchwork Technology’s BlackBox AutoShutoff system for connected spreaders is the latest way to do it.

AutoShutoff works through the spreader’s GPS connection and the first version fits the popular BogBalle Spreader from KRM. It turns off the spreader on headlands and ground already spread, provides a speed signal to the spreader and can be added to new or existing BlackBox Cruizer systems. It works with flat-rate and variable rate systems

Price is from £2100 including the BlackBox unit. It will also be available in BlackBox Version 8 plus an extra £300 in March.

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