LAMMA 2012: Ezy Fill hopper

The Pel stand was home to the rather ingenious Ezy-Fill hopper. This hassle-saving device allows bulk fertiliser to be dealt with quickly by providing an eight-tonne mobile supply. Equipped with a rear three-point-linkage, the bulk carrier allows any spreader to be attached behind the hopper.

The Ezy-Fill’s conveyor and auger are hydraulically powered, while a pto drive through the hopper’s chassis provides mechanical power to the spreader.

Filling is by way of a 20cm (8in) stainless steel auger, carrying fertiliser granules from a conveyor-fed sump in the hopper along the 3.05m (10ft) tube to the top of the spreader.

There are pressure sensors set on the rear linkage that measure the weight of fertiliser in the spreader’s hopper and top it up accordingly, with the spreader kept full provided the tractor hydraulics are switched to constant pumping. Made in Ireland, the hopper is also available auto-steer ready, with prices starting from £18,500.

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