LAMMA 2012: Fuel-Guard shows fuel tester and reusable fuel filter element

County Durham firm Fuel-Guard was showing a couple of interesting new fuel-related products. One was a fuel tester that shows you the percentage of biodiesel in the fuel as well as detecting contaminants like water, petrol and vegetable oils.

At £1,500, it’s not a tool that every farmer could justify, but for contractors using fuel from customers’ fuel stores it could give a useful way to check that you’re only putting clean diesel in your kit.

The other piece of kit was a 30-micron tractor fuel filter that claims to be able to take just about all the water and other contaminants out of the fuel. The filter is reusable, says the company, and no replacement filters of cartridges are needed. Instead, opening a tap allows the water and muck to be removed into a suitable container and the filter can then be cleaned. Cost is £160 for tractors up to 150hp and £270 for tractors above that figure.

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