LAMMA 2012: Sumo mounts the Trio

Sumo’s Versaplus drill is due to replace the current Versadrill for 2013. Capable of working as either min-till or direct drill, there is a choice of 3m rigid model or folding 4m and 6m versions. In its 3m guise the drill has a 2,500-litre hopper.

Changes include a new configuration of legs and discs, as well as a Moore system disc coulter section. There is a set of soil loosening legs followed by two rows of discs and four press and transport wheels across the width of the drill. If drilling cereals into ploughed ground, the legs and opening discs can be lifted away from the ground.

More Trio 3A

The Yorkshire manufacturer was also showing its new mounted Trio (pictured above). Available with either 2.5m or 3m working widths, the fourth version of the machine is equipped with auto-reset legs as standard, which the company claims reduces shock loading on the tractor linkage.

Working depth – dictated by the smaller rear packer – is up to 30cm, and front discs are removable. Other changes to the trio see the appearance of low draft legs, replaceable shins and quick change tungsten carbide points.

The 3m version costs £18,452 and the 2.5m option £15,752.

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