Lamma 2018: Amazone WindControl refines fert control

Further refinement in the control of fertiliser spreading comes with the WindControl option for Amazone ZA-TS mounted and ZG-TS trailed spreaders, which automatically adjusts the spread pattern to compensate for wind speed and direction.

The new system works in conjunction with the ArgusTwin monitoring system, which uses an array of sensors that constantly monitors the distribution of fertiliser prills or granules and adjusts the pattern individually on each side as necessary.

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For areas that are especially windy, WindControl adds a further level of monitoring using a high-frequency wind sensor that registers both speed and direction.

The spreader’s electronic control unit uses that information to determine whether compensating adjustments are needed to keep things even.

When deployed (manually or automatically when the spinners are turned on), the wind sensor protrudes above the tractor to get true readings, but is parked between the tractor and spreader when travelling from field to field.