Lamma 2018: Chafer trailed sprayers now feature smart valves

Valves that report to the operator if they have not correctly positioned feature on the latest versions of the Chafer Sentry and Guardian trailed sprayers as part of the ePlumbing system.

Since the new valves are connected to the sprayers’ CAN-bus wiring, the operator gets a visual indication of the valve’s status and position, which Chafer says is essential for automatic filling in case an incorrectly positioned valve results in cross-contamination.

Chafer trailed sprayer

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Variable tank agitation with automatic shut-off at low tank volumes to eliminate foaming also features and “dead” volumes have been further reduced by cutting the number of components in the plumbing to the benefit of wash-out time and washings disposal.

More precise axle steering on E-spec sprayers, more room for large-diameter wheels and tyres, and improvements to the boom suspension – including increased boom lift-lower range – are also part of the upgrades.