Lamma 2018: Joskin adds versatility to Volumetra slurry tanker

Filling versatility with no loss of spreading performance – achieved through fitting vacuum and centrifugal pumps – is a key feature of the new Volumetra slurry and digestate tanker, says Joskin.

Available in sizes from 10,500 to 26,000 litres on double or triple axles, the tanker’s Vacu-Storm system has a purpose-built gearbox mounted on the drawbar to channel drive to the pumps from the tractor pto.

Internal gears transfer drive to the vacuum suction pump mounted in an offset position on the drawbar, while a pto shaft takes drive to the Storm centrifugal emptying pump installed further back beneath the front of the tank.

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Joskin argues that the vacuum pump is well suited to all filling situations – from a pit, off-pit, funnel, and so on – while the positive displacement of the centrifugal pump element provides sufficient performance (up to 10,000 litres/min) to apply material over wide widths and to handle thick slurries.

The Volumetra is built as a self-supporting structure using high-tensile steel to minimise overall weight.

The bolt-on axle assemblies can be positioned to best suit the towing tractor and maintain good balance, regardless of the size and weight of any rear-mounted application equipment.

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