Lamma 2018: McCormick updates X7 tractors

Increased power and a new transmission are highlights of the latest-generation McCormick X7-series tractors.

There is a more powerful model at the top end, with 205hp for draft work and up to 225hp for pto and transport operations, and the new P6-Drive transmission serves up two extra powershift steps and an additional range for added speed control versatility.

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“Intelligent” range and powershift management of the 30×15 speeds (added creep speeds are optional) aims to optimise field and road performance.

A new Stop&Action feature enables the four- and six-cylinder tractors to be brought to a halt and move off again using only the brake pedal.

Power outputs spanning 141hp to 192hp can be matched with the P6-Drive powershift or VT-Drive stepless transmissions; powershift alone reserved for the 188/212hp X7.680 and 205/225hp X7.690.

Drivers benefit from a semi-active hydraulic cab suspension as an alternative to steel springs and dampers, and some cab interior upgrades, including the ability to swivel the seat further on premium versions that have a seat-mounted control console.