Landquip offers stretched demount sprayer for JCB Fastracs

Suffolk-based sprayer maker Landquip has launched a stretched JCB Fastrac demount unit to add to its growing range of British built crop sprayers.

The purpose-built chassis has been designed to accommodate a 3000, 3500, or 4000 litre stainless steel tank, positioned to achieve the best weight distribution and vehicle traction even in arduous conditions and on steep terrain.

With 18-32m Alu-light booms and primarily designed for 4-wheel steer 2100 series Fastracs, the machines are now available for the higher horsepower stretched 3000 series.

landquip 460

The booms are equipped with Landquip’s Poziflow air switching and continuous pressurised boom recirculation system which suits application pressures as low as 1 bar for liquid fertiliser applications and up to 9 bar spray pressures through long life ceramic drift-reducing air inclusion tips, available with twin rear and forward pointing outlets.

Easy and precise control is delivered to the operator via Landquip’s Genius CanBus electronic rate control with integral, manual, multi-section sequential boom switching of up to 11 boom sections.  

Programmable options enabling each sprayer to be customised to meet exact individual requirements include:

* Headland assist with a selectable height to which the boom is automatically raised for headland turns

* GPS-managed auto section switching that controls nozzle on/off as treated areas are approached

* Tank contents that are constantly updated via an in-tank weight cell.

Plumbing and pump options include either a 300 litres/min, 6 cylinder pto-driven piston diaphragm pump or the choice of a 700 litres/min or 1300 litres/min. hydraulically driven self priming centrifugal pump capable of up to 9 bar spraying pressures and fast filling.

For operators requiring additional capacity, a 1000 or 1250 litre front tank is available to fit on to the tractor front-end weight-carrying bracket or 3 point linkage.

To boost output, the sprayer is also designed to allow full drawbar access for those wanting to tow a bowser with hydraulic or air brakes.

For users considering wider booms, Landquip says it is looking at fitting its new TR5 36 metre boom for 2009 machines.

The new demount sprayer is available this Autumn. Price for the 3500 litre, 24m unit is £30,500