Lely adds smaller Tigo forage wagons

The novel hydraulic bulkhead of the Tigo PR large-capacity self-loading forage wagon is being introduced lower down the range with the new Tigo MR Profi wagon from Lely.

There are also four MR wagons with conventional bulkheads and capacities of 26cu m to 30cu m. The Pro versions are 30.7cu m and 33.7cu m and Lely reckons these two machines are up to a metre shorter than equivalent machines because of the 6cu m of load space provided by the bulkhead being moved forward to complete loading.

Improved manoeuvrability in tight yards and silage clamps, and better weight distribution for road travel, are among the benefits of this design feature, says Lely.

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Others include greater control over crop compaction in the trailer and reduced pressure on the floor chains and drive mechanism because 10-15% of material is supported by the bulkhead.

All Tigo MR/MR Pro wagons have a five-tine camless pick-up reel to gather grass from the swath before it is swept by a gearbox-driven rotor over chopping blades and along a short feed channel into the body of the trailer.

The chopping assembly, with zero, 16 or 31 knives in action, is powered into position for knife changes and general maintenance.