Marston trailers taken over by Suffolk maker Hunton Legg

Marston trailers could be back on the market by the summer, thanks to a buy-out by Suffolk trailer maker Hunton Legg.

The Saxmundham company has bought the stock, designs and patents from the administrators of Marston and its many sub-brands including Griffiths, Collins, Salop, Wootton, Foster, ECE and Gull.

It plans to have a range of Marston grain trailers from 10-18t and flatbed trailers from 8-14t by late spring. It said it will also endeavour to fulfil any trailer orders that were under construction at the Marston factory at the time of the closure.

Marston has been one of the most popular and successful UK trailer brands ever. It’s believed to have sold 250,000 in total and was making 3,000-4,000 trailers a year in the 1990s.

Hunton Legg is also a well-established brand and sells a range of trailers, rolls and muckspreaders.

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