Massey Ferguson updates combine range

New to Massey’s harvesting armoury are two new 7300 Activa S combines with new styling and an updated cab.

The 243hp five straw-walker Activa 7345 S and 276hp six straw-walker 7347 S are both powered by Agco Sisu Power SCR engines and are the first Activas to have the option of being fitted with either PowerFlow or FreeFlow headers.

The smaller 7345 S gets a 6.6 litre block, while the larger 7347 gets a 7.4 litre powerplant. With a grain tank capacity of 8,600 litres, both can handle FreeFlow header sizes of 4.8m to 7.6m and PowerFlow sizes of 5.4m to 6.2m. PowerFlow is Massey’s well-known system of taking crop from the knife to the auger via a series of longitudinal belts. According to Adam Sherriff, Manager Marketing Powered Harvesting for MF, using a belt-fed header reduces table losses significantly and output can be boosted by up to 73% in oilseed rape, 15% in wheat and 12% in barley.

Auto level tables and automatic reel speed adjustment are standard and there’s a new hydraulic drive system to enable this. The new heavy duty feeder house extends out further from the to aid visibility both when cutting and connecting the header, and there’s now a three V-belt drive system.

A new reverse mechanism is fitted for stickier and more uneven harvesting conditions, which allows the driver to clear blockages by reversing the drive to the header, Power Feed Roller, belts (if on a PowerFlow) and main elevator.

Customers now have the choice of two threshing and separation systems. Either a conventional cylinder concave set up with the extended Active Beater Concave which adds 14° of additional concave wrap, or the Multi Crop Separator option which features a rotary separator for higher output in longer straw conditions. A novel feature allows this to rotate the concave out of work when not required, for example in dry conditions. Also the concave front and rear clearance can be adjusted electronically from the cab.

Separation is improved, adds Mr Sherriff, by the 4.7m long straw-walkers which feature four steps and 210mm perforated walls, which result in a larger surface for straw to pass over and grain to be separated.

High-spec Beta updates

Five and six straw-walker Beta 7360 and 7370 combines also get 7.4 litre and 8.4 litre SCR Sisu Power engines, as well as a refreshed cab with touch-screen controls, and larger, 9,000 litre grain tanks.

The up-rated 130 litres/min hydrostatic system allows for better torque and power while harvesting, says Mr Sherriff, while the ParaLevel automatic levelling system is available as an option for hillier conditions. “Automatic reel control is controlled view the new touch-screen terminal, and operators are able to save customised settings at the touch of a button.”

Centora and Delta updates

High-capacity Centora and Delta combines also get new features, including new Agco Sisu 8.4 litre SCR engines with Diesel Oxidation Catalyser (DOC) and a redesigned steering axle, which will allow for tighter turns.

The eight straw-walker Centora gets a new high-performance concave and wider opening, as well as upgraded grain pan separation system. The 7280 now develops 379hp with a 25 boost, whereas the 7282 Centora puts out 404hp. The range-topping Delta hybrid combine remains at 500hp.

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