Mazda upgrades BT-50 pick-up range

Two years after the range’s launch, Mazda has upgraded its BT-50 pick-ups, bringing a 3-litre 156hp Intrepid model to the UK market for the first time.

mazda bt50

So what is different about the new model? Not a great deal mechanically, but looks-wise, quite a lot. It gets the same 3-litre engine that the Ford Ranger (its close relative) has been using for the past few months and now sports a revised grille, new bumper, new light mouldings and keyhole-style back lights.

Car-like modifications inside give more appeal to the leisure audience, and dash lighting has been changed from green to amber to match the rest of the Mazda range. There is now a rainbow assortment of 14 paint colours.

The remote freewheel feature, carried over from the previous model, means you don’t have to stop to change from four-wheel drive to two, and traction on demand give the BT-50 reliable off-road performance. All four-wheel-drive models have two-speed transfer ranges with limited-slip differential. Towing capacity is 3t.

The range-topping Intrepid with 3-litre common-rail engine offers 9% more power and 15% more torque. Also new is the five-speed automatic transmission with a higher fifth gear ratio than other 4WD models in the range, which should give economical cruising. Prices range from £10,830 (exc VAT) for the 4×2 single cab to £18,680 for the Intrepid.

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