McArthur to stock JK Machinery grain cleaners and graders

McArthur Agriculture has added JK Machinery’s conspicuously named VibroMax to its equipment line-up, catering for the growing number of farmers who are using intercropping in their rotations.

The maker says the separation of mixed crops has traditionally been carried out with old cleaning equipment and second-hand systems.

The VibroMax is a modern and higher capacity solution that gives better cleaning and grading results.

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VibroMax grain cleaner

© Supplied by McArthur Agriculture

Launching at last month’s Groundswell event, the mechanism works as a cleaner and grader, shifting the grain across a vibrating sieve in order to separate it.

From here, the crop is moved into an aspirator, which organises it based on its weight and aerodynamic properties.

The largest model in the range, the JCM VibroMax 10133G, is a triple-decked machine, with three sieves to clean and separate the grain.

It can process up to 40t/hour, aspirating each crop individually for best results.

A more compact model is also available for those looking to process 5-15t/hour.

Farmers who would like to assess grading performance – and which specification is best suited – can see the machines in action at a newly built demonstration lab in Scunthorpe.

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