Micron shows new high-tech spray hoods

Precision sprayer specialist Micron Group will show a Varidome S3 100HiFlo and Varidome S3 Hybrid at Cereals, as well as the company’s modular tank system.

Aimed at cereals and other narrow-spaced crops such as onions and carrots, the sprayer has a 6.2m hydraulically folding toolbar with ground-following carriages fitted with the new Varidome 100HiFlo spray shields.

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The machine on display will have 11 carriages with triple configuration shields and a double membrane skirt around the base. This has an inner section that prevents spray coming into contact with the outer section and being transferred on to the crop.

The outer layer of the membrane is tapered at each end to push the crop away from the area being treated, minimising the risk of crop damage. The shields have also gained a 3-star accreditation under Lerap pesticide risk assessment rules.

The working width on each individual hood can now be easily adjusted to spray bands 100-450mm wide, which makes the sprayer suitable for work in a wide range of applications and crop stages.

The new modular tank system, aimed at asparagus growers, has a hydraulically folding boom fitted with a combination of rigid, fixed-position hoods and circular, freely rotating shields on a breakaway mechanism to allow users to spray right up to the baseline of the crop. With the boom width of 3.6m, the sprayer can treat two beds at a time.

It can also be mounted with different Micron sprayers, including shielded equipment for banded weed control, CDA atomisers for low volume overall spraying or air-assisted spray heads for foliar treatments.