New Alligator Pro can handle up to 750 sheep

Livestock machinery maker Allflex launched a new version of its Alligator mobile sheep handling system, which has been in use on farms for more than four decades, at the Royal Welsh Show this week, 

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The Alligator Pro is designed for the handling, treatment and sorting of large sheep groups and the new model offers 13-inch wheels for improved ground clearance and road work.

There is now a manual or electric winch option for lowering and raising the steel chassis and redesigned hurdles, which still have rounded corners to prevent snagging into the soil, but have upright bars between the upper and second rails to help improve sheep flow, we’re told.

The mobile sheep run is available in three sizes, capable of handling 250, 500 or 750 sheep.

Alligator Pro trailer ready for transport

Each system includes a 1.5m forcing gate and pen for 8-12 sheep, a three-way drafting race and a treatment, worming and drenching race – 3m long for the Alligator Pro 250 and 4.5m for the larger two models.

The system is compatible with a wide range of manual and electronic flock management, recording and weighing equipment, with a shearing pen available as an optional extra.

Prices range from £7,750 for the Alligator Pro 250 with a manual winch up to £11,900 for an electric winch version of the Alligator Pro 750.