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Well-planned sheep housing and handling systems improve flock productivity, health and welfare. Find information on lambing pen hygiene and construction, race design, drafting pens, foot-baths, weigh scales and electronic identification (EID) equipment.

Case studies

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Video: Roofless sheep unit helps preserve spring grass

Housing pregnant yearling ewes in a roofless slatted unit is allowing an Anglesey livestock farm to conserve grass for grazing in February. The five-pen unit at Marchynys Farm, Penmynydd, accommodates…


What’s In Your Livestock Shed? A cutting-edge sheep unit

A state-of-the-art sheep husbandry unit costing £435,000 has been developed at Newton Rigg College, Penrith, Cumbria, demonstrating some of the newest technologies on the market. These innovations help aid efficient…


Feed plan halves pre-lambing ration costs on Devon farm

Winter feeding costs have halved on a Devon farm using veterinary advice to fine-tune a total mixed ration and feed good-quality silage. John and Bridget Goscomb have historically been making…


What’s in your £825k livestock shed

The new £825,000 sheep house at CAFRE Greenmount's Hill Farm at Glenwherry, Co Antrim, has been two years in the making, but finally the new 72m x 26m shed is…


What's in Your Livestock Shed? Ewes, robots and inventions

Our What's in Your Shed machinery series has been so popular, we've decided to create a version specially for livestock farmers, called, you've guessed it, What's in Your Livestock Shed.…


How outdoor corrals can provide a good housing option

Healthier cattle and a lower-cost housing system are two reasons why outdoor corrals are proving a big success. And at a cost of £550 a cow, the straw corral constructed…

Practical advice

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Good sheep handling: Why it matters and how to improve it

Handling sheep may not come with the safety risk seen with cattle but ensuring systems are set up correctly goes a long way to reducing labour inputs and sheep stress.…


Q&A: Expert guide on how to set up sheep housing

Poor sheep housing can harm animal welfare causing dampness, dirty sheep, cold sheep and lambs, poor hygiene potential and increased feet problems. And it can also make harder work for…


Video: Step-by-step guide to best sheep-shearing technique

A good shearing technique can add value to a fleece, while correct handling and control of the sheep protects the shearer’s back from injury. With farmers now finding it difficult…


Picture and video guide: How to roll a fleece correctly

Handle a fleece well and rolling it correctly can reap rewards at the grading stage. Fiona Reuter, the BWMB’s Welsh regional co-ordinator, who organises shearing courses across Wales, takes Farmers…


Bedding alternatives to straw for lambing

Managing and selecting the correct bedding material could not only reduce costs but also bring health benefits at lambing. Sheep farmers are embracing alternative bedding options at lambing, but whatever…


Tips on winter housing for ewes ahead of lambing

Sheep producers need to make sure their winter housing is in order to maximise ewe and lamb productivity, according to EBLEX beef and sheep scientist Liz Genever. As we enter…