New and improved sprayers on show

Spraying equipment manufacturers have been hard at work developing new and improved machines to help growers maintain efficiency and boost output. Most will be showcased at Sprays & Sprayers next month. Peter Hill rounds up the highlights

SAM VisionOperators benefit most from the latest package of improvements to the SAM self-propelled sprayer, with comfort and convenience high on the agenda.

The Vision models come with a more spacious cab that sports more glass between less intrusive pillars and spars for improved visibility. Ventilation is also improved, says Sands Agricultural Machinery, with air outlets positioned for more consistent air distribution and temperature control and noise levels have been cut.

Operators get a high-back seat with air suspension and a new armrest panel featuring all controls for spraying and driving. More generous lighting will help at night and the sprayers come ready prepared for GPS guidance, auto-steering and auto nozzle-shut-off systems.

A significant reduction in pipe volume is claimed and hoses are enclosed in a tough casing to minimise chafing and risk of leaks. There are also improvements to the “prime and purge” system and pneumatic valve control for better performance.

Eazi-Trac_Fastrac_02Suffolk contractor John Orford commissioned this novel spraying outfit to spread weight evenly across three axles.

Built by GM-R Sprayers, the Eazi-Trac is now available commercially in 3400, 4200 and 5000 litre sizes with a height-adjustable swan-neck drawbar. That places some of the sprayer’s weight ahead of the rear axle of a JCB Fastrac, Mercedes-Benz Unimog or Multidrive to ensure the front axle carries its fair share.

Co-ordinated six-wheel steering make the Fastrac/Eazi-Trac combination pretty manoeuvrable, despite overall length and a 50kph air-sprung axle with twin-line air brakes can be fitted to match the tractor’s capabilities.

  • LandquipTwin-ram automatic steering operated through the Genius controller features on Landquip’slatest trailed sprayer, the InTrac.

The system has manual over-ride and also crab steer activated at the flick of a switch to compensate on side slopes.

The InTrac is available with 3000, 4000 and 5000-litre tanks and comes with hydraulic suspension and high-speed “S” cam brakes on the 10-stud, 13t capacity width-adjustable axle.

Spray gear comprises a corrosion-resistant Alu-light aluminium boom in sizes up to 36m, with sequential switching of up to 11 boom sections convertible to GPS automatic if required. A hydraulic-drive 700-litre/min self-priming centrifugal pump is installed for fast filling and high operating pressures up to 7 bar.

BerthoudBerthoud’s sleek Tenor trailed sprayer has gone up a size with the introduction of a 5500-litre model to join the existing 2800, 3500 and 4300-litre sizes.

It shares the same anti-surge tank shape, minimal “dead” volume pipework and triple main valves, two of which are installed in tandem with one control handle and colour-coded functions.

Actiflex coil suspension has compensating linkage for a constant spring rate and a steering axle is fitted for stability with booms up to 33m in steel, 42m in aluminium.

Moulded plastic bodywork incorporates access steps to the tank while the work station cover doubles as a hand-wash water supply. A twin turbine pump rated at 500-550 litres/min gives fast filling and the capacity to handle high application rates of liquid fertiliser.

Berthoud-RaptorBerthoud’s Raptor self-propelled sprayer comes in 3200 and 4000-litre sizes to complement the 5000-litre Boxer and shares some of its technical features with the Tenor trailed model.

Active air suspension, which automatically maintains a consistent ride height, and full wheel travel underpins the chassis and driveline, which uses three-speed hydraulic motors at each wheel.

Hydro Pilot cruise control should make life easier for the operator, especially over undulating ground, and manoeuvrability is helped by two-wheel, four-wheel and four-wheel crab steering.

Two engine outputs are available – 180hp and 200hp. The spraying system uses the Dualmatic compact valve block, a diamond-shaped, narrow-bottomed tank for effective drainage and optional Dualelec electronic controls to instigate rinsing and agitation from the cab.

Tecnoma_LaserA new controller – Novaflow – features on the latest version of the Tecnoma Laser self-propelled sprayer.

Linked to the Novatec ISOBUS-compliant terminal, through which the sprayer’s various functions can be set-up and adjusted, the controller is used to operate the filling system for faster turnarounds; Autonet sequential rinsing is also operated from the cab.

An upgrade from Novatec to the Novatop terminal brings a colour display and the option to add precision farming tools, such an Egnos dGPS antenna for integrated mapping and light bar steering guidance, automatic boom section on-off control and variable-rate application.High-definition RTK automatic steering can also be added as a substitute for tramlines.

Axair active pneumatic suspension system helps keep the boom stable. The Laser comes in two sizes – 3200 and 4200 litres, each with a 440-litre clean water rinse tank.

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