New electronics from Berthoud

The DP-tronic controller on Berthoud Raptor self-propelled and Tenor trailed sprayers is being replaced by a more compact and more modern integrated unit with membrane buttons instead of flick-switches and a larger info display.

It also has the novel feature of wireless connection to a joystick controller – which is not a gimmick, emphasises Berthoud UK general manager Martin Shackloth.

“The wireless connection allows the joystick unit to be taken out of the cab to the back of the machine, where the nozzles can be switched on and off remotely to check for poor output patterns or blockages,” he explains. “That’s easier than having to go back and forth to check the nozzles.”

The eC-tronic unit itself has simpler CAN-Bus connection to the sprayer or tractor; and it integrates some functions that, at present, are handled by separate controllers. These include automatic filling, tank-fill level and agitation adjustment.

A boom levelling/height adjustment facility will be available for the new controller later this year, along with steering axle control for the Tenor trailed sprayer.

Sequential boom section on/off, which saves having to flick a series of switches to narrow or widen the spraying width, is already installed. Boom unfolding and folding can be done in the same way – simply by pressing and holding a single button rather than having to remember a sequence of hydraulic valve actions activated by different switches.

For steering guidance and auto boom section control, Berthoud has chosen to adopt a TeeJet system for its eTec unit, which is connected to the eC-tronic master controller.

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