New models for Pottinger forage wagon range

Pottinger’s line-up of Torro Combiline forage wagons now has two larger models – the Torro 7010 and the bigger Torro 8010.

Thanks to a new beater drive line, which has been added to the full Torro and Jumbo Combiline ranges, output power now peaks at 160kW (which translates into torque of 1,700Nm), speeding up the unloading process, the firm says.

An optional extra for the Torro Combiline models is a four-tonne drawbar, which provides extra traction in the field and at the clamp.

The new wagons can also be equipped with an optional driver assist system. This has integrated sensors for driving speed and driving direction, and in automatic mode the axle is locked so that it steers straight when reversing at speed and when driving along an incline or slope.

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In addition, the driver can set a threshold to lock the steered axle on the slope, and a second for maximum incline work, with a warning displayed on the screen when the limits are hit, to minimise the overturning risk.

Weight limit

A new weighing system allows the weight of a load to be displayed while driving. A maximum load limit can be preset, with the display turning red and a warning alarm sounding if this weight is exceeded.

The system is operated using Pottinger’s power control terminal, and new 32-bit hardware means it can be used without Isobus.

Other additions include new Durastar knives, which have a mixture of hard and soft steel. The 6mm-thick blades have a knife shape designed to be self-sharpening, for lower fuel consumption and higher chopping quality, the firm says.