Niemeyer HR 1055 GH


Folding happens in three electro-hydraulically controlled steps, and even with experience you can get it wrong. The parking stand is robust, the headstock fixed. Four hoses and several valves increase the chances of one being left under pressure, making the next couple-up harder.

Swath pickup

Only an average performer, despite big overlap between rotors. Pickup is slightly cleaner in a heavy crop than in a light one.


Good spread in light crop; dropping pto revs improves work quality markedly in a heavy one. Hydraulically-operated spread restrictor curtain works in tandem with wing angle adjustment. Curtain is on one side only, is too small to have much effect and broke away when a weld failed.


Tine height is controlled by tractor linkage position. Nut and bolt rotor angle adjustment doesn’t invite changes.


Nipple count 24, all neatly flagged by a yellow dot. Rotor head gearboxes are sealed. Manual has unnecessary info and needs clearer drawings.


A complex tedder that looks more like a spreader or sprayer. Many welds, many rams, many hoses, all put together in a rather un-German way. Weld quality visually variable. Joints between sections look lightly made; ditto the perimeter frame. Tedder arms are not particularly well bolted into rotors, and their fixings are very close together. Electrical cabling looks hastily done, paint hand-brushed in places. But there are positives – the fold-up rams have replaceable ball pivots, and two of these rams add support to the wings in work. Adding relief valves to these circuits could provide break-back.

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