Farmer invents 180mph slug pelleter

Stephen Evans in his 'fast' slug pelleter

Stephen Evans in his ‘fast’ slug pelleter

A Northamptonshire farmer has come up with a nifty way of getting the slug pelleting done a little quicker than normal.

Perhaps inspired by nearby racing circuit Silverstone, Stephen Evans, from Astcote Simmentals, Towcester, has attached a pellet dispenser to the back of a Grand Prix car.

He calculates that at 180mph and using a full 24m spread width, he should be able to achieve a spot rate of 1,700 acres/hour.

All he has to do now, he says, is calibrate it.

The invention follows Mr Evans’ first effort a couple of years ago, when he found a cunning way of getting an ATV to pull a big trailer and keep within the weight limits.