Opico shows biggest mobile dryer yet

Opico will be launching its new gas-fired GT 8000 automatic recirculating mobile batch dryer at the UK Grain event on 6 November at the East of England showground.

With a 21t holding capacity, it is said to be 3t larger than the next biggest dryer in the GT range.

The GT 8000 is a multiple-motor, three-phase powered grain dryer that uses liquid propane gas to deliver heat for drying.

The new dryer is fully automatic and uses Opico’s Grain Guard, a digital controller that allows the machine to be programmed for round-the-clock drying. Grain Guard uses pre-set drying temperatures for different crops and the dryer sequence can be tailored to suit the farm’s set-up. A large plenum is said to maximise the hourly drying rate of the GT8000, giving a throughput of up to 7.5t/hr.

Opico says it will also be showing the Magna 2000 Auto, a 20t diesel-powered mobile recirculating batch dryer. The GT 8000 gas dryer costs £54,472, while the Magna 2000 diesel dryer costs £59,866.

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