Opico targets smaller growers with 12t mobile drier

The latest mobile batch grain drier from Opico has a 12t holding capacity and is geared towards smaller arable farms.


Called the Magna 120 ECO, it is a base spec model that offers a 5t/hour drying capacity at a cost of £28,111. However the company says it still has the clean burn, fuel-saving technology of the standard Magna models.

The 120 ECO also has fixed (rather than telescopic) screens, so set-up is said to be quick and easy.

Opico MD James Woolway says: “The standard Magna 12t dryer has a drying capacity of 6t per hour. This new economy version has a slightly reduced throughput and hence a lower cost, and will appeal to the more price-conscious buyers on small farms.”

All driers in the Magna range use a heat core brick system that is claimed to retain heat, give a more even temperature and virtually eliminate unburnt fuel, as the burner modulates from high to idle flame.

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