Pottinger plough traction control system

Pottinger (www.landmec.co.uk 01752 891291) says its novel traction control system for five and six-furrow mounted Servo 45S ploughs is now on sale.

This transfers load back to the tractor from the plough via the top link pin but still uses the slotted top link hole that allows the plough to track changes in ground contours.

That in turn gives a more uniform ploughing depth and keeps the loading constant which helps to keep wheelslip to a minimum. A nitrogen-charged accumulator allows for displacement of oil from the controlling ram while maintaining this loading, regardless of movement of the top link pin in the slotted hole.

Keeping the load on the tractor wheels also means less need for the tractors’ draft control system to raise the plough to maintain traction – even when the tractor hits compacted areas.

The system requires a single-acting hydraulic service from the tractor, which controls the amount of load that is transferred back to the tractor’s wheels from the plough. The operator can alter this as conditions worsen or improve.

The traction control unit costs £845 and can be ordered with a new Pottinger Servo 45S mounted plough or added to any existing 2009 model Servo 45S, says the company. The system will be on display at the Cereals event on 10 and 11 June.

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