Radial tyre is geared for road duties

NOKIAN HAS launched a new radial tractor tyre. Incorporating a number of features from the company”s agricultural and industrial tyres, the TRI 2 is claimed to be a multi-purpose tyre geared toward road-based operations.

Rated to a maximum speed of 65kph, the TRI 2 has a block tread pattern which improves driver comfort and gives a high load bearing capacity, according to Nokian.

tread pattern

A directional tread pattern permits good self-cleaning properties which make the tyre suitable for low draft top-work in the field – seedbed preparation, spreading and spraying.

Available in a variety of sizes, price for a 540/65R30 size tyre is £650.

Nokian TRI 2

Speed rating 65km/h (40mph)

Max pressure (@ 65kph) 3.2bar (46psi)

Min pressure (@ 65kph) 1.04bar (15psi)

Max load (per tyre) 4000kg