Raven Seedmaster rape drill aims to curb blackgrass

Cambridgeshire farmer Steven Raven, who designed the Raven one-pass cultivator now sold by Knight Farm Machinery, has been busy in the workshop again.

The Raven Seedmaster consists of a set of discs, press wheel and seed harrow and can be fitted behind any subsoiler. Adding an air seed drill like a Stocks Turbo Jet Wizard means that rape seed can be precision drilled in one pass, which he reckons will produce better results than those of other one-pass systems where rapeseed is trickle drilled at varying depths in front of (or behind) packer rollers or legs.

Mr Raven says the biggest potential benefit of his attachment is that it will reduce blackgrass in rape. The attachment creates very little soil disturbance, so the blackgrass seeds will be sitting at a shallow soil depth where chemical treatments can be effective. That’s in sharp contrast to many one-pass machines, which bury blackgrass seeds at a depth where chemical treatments become ineffective.

Trials of the Raven Seedmaster will take place this autumn, he says. It will also be fitted with a fertiliser applicator, enabling micro granular fertiliser to be dispersed alongside the rape seed.

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