Renault’s Le Mans tractor plant falls under 100% Claas control

Five years since it bought its initial 51% share in Renault Agriculture, Claas has taken full ownership of the French tractor maker.

Back in 2003 the German harvesting specialist bought a controlling stake in Renault’s Le Mans tractor plant.

Three years later it increased its shareholding to 80% and now takes full ownership.

This latest move signals the end for the Renault Agriculture name. Le Mans-based tractor operations will now be known simply as Claas Tractor SAS.

Since the initial acquisition of its 51% share, Claas claims to have doubled export sales for Le Mans-built tractors.


  • 2003 Claas buys 51% share of Renault Agriculture
  • 2006 Renault becomes 80% Claas-owned
  • 2008 Claas acquires final 20% and Renault name is replaced by “Claas Tractor”

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