DeWulf builds first three-row mounted belt planter

Potato and root crop specialist DeWulf has launched what it claims is the world’s first three-row mounted belt planter.

It is a variation on the firm’s Structural 30 trailed planters – the latest version was launched in late 2017 – and uses an ultrasonic sensor to provide automatic depth control unaffected by undulations and adjustable from the control box in the cab.

Being mounted means the three-row planter is more manoeuvrable than its trailed counterparts, making end-of-row turns easier and giving growers the option of reducing headland sizes.

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It retains many of the trailed model’s features, including the Wave Belt concept with its undulating bed to make planting of steep slopes simpler.

A working speed of 12kph is possible, says DeWulf.

Prices start from €50,000 (£42,850).