Dewulf launches new four-row self-propelled spud harvester

Belgian root crop kit maker Dewulf has launched a new high-capacity self-propelled potato harvester that claims to be kinder to the soil and the crop.

The four-row Enduro will sit alongside the manufacturer’s existing other self-propelled harvester ranges, including its two-row R3060, four-row tracked Kwatro and similar Kwatro Extreme designed for those with 90cm beds.

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The main difference between the Enduro and Kwatro is that the former sits on wheels instead of tracks, appealing to large-scale growers and contractors who spend a fair amount of time on the road.

Dewulf’s designers have shifted its weight over a twin-axle configuration at the rear, where the four 750/65 R26 tyres help spread the load and take weight off the single axle and narrow tyres at the front.

Other tyre options include Alliance 270/95 R48 VFs on the front and Michelin 750/65 R26 VFs on the rear for buyers keen to reduce ground pressure further.

The design results in less damage to ridges and reduced soil compaction in tricky conditions, and with VF tyres fitted, Dewulf boasts some of the best ground pressure figures in its class at 1.8kg/sq cm on the front and 1.5kg/sq cm on the rear.

Cleaning flexibility

Like other Dewulf four-row self-propelleds, the Enduro has a wide sieving system that doesn’t narrow the whole way through the machine.

However, unique to the Enduro is the ability to adjust the angle of the cleaning module between 0deg and 12deg for more or less aggressive cleaning, depending on field conditions.

The axial rollers within the cleaning system can also be bypassed at any inclination angle, adding an extra degree of flexibility. Once through the cleaning element, the machine’s ring elevator has been designed for dealing with vast quantities of spuds while minimising physical damage.

This is achieved by using a wider design that allows it to deal with up to 200t/hour, helped by a sensor that automatically regulates speed dependant on crop loading.

The Enduro’s two-part 10t bunker has a fixed floor and discharge elevator with webs, so continues to sieve any excess soil during unloading. It can also reach over four rows and a tipping end allows the operator to get lower into trailers to reduce the drop height.

Dewulf N-joystick

Dewulf N-joystick © Dewulf

In-cab features

The harvester has the latest Claas cab, which features an N-Joystick and a touchscreen control terminal running software specifically designed for the Enduro.

Power comes from a 450hp Scania DC13 Stage 5 engine and Dewulf reckons the machine should be able to achieve work rates of 1-1.5ha/hour, depending on conditions.

Perhaps the disappointing thing from a UK perspective is that the Enduro is currently only set up to work in 75cm beds, not the 90cm system most growers use here.

As a result, Dewulf is not planning to demo the Enduro on these shores during 2021, but a 90cm machine is in development to satisfy demand. Prices for the 27t harvester start at €450,000 (£402,000).