Schuitemaker revamps Rapide wagon

Dutch manufacturer Schuitemaker has revamped its well-known Rapide dual-purpose forage wagon. Designed to be used both as a forage or a silage wagon, without having to remove the pick-up, the new 145 MK11 retains the company’s floating pick-up (rather than the more common pushed pick-up). The outer cage has been narrowed to give an overall width of just 2.55m and there’s a new front panel that’s angled at the top to encourage a better flow of crop into the wagon.
A new rotor with seven rows of tines and a 2m pick-up with heavier duty bearings, thicker tine-arms and less wearing-parts are all standard. Sensors tell the driver how open or shut the tailgate is via the terminal in the cab. LED lights and reflection stripes make the trailer extremely visible on the road, says the company. Price for the Premium model, fitted with steering axle and full safety kit is £68,900.    


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