Scotts announce alliance with ScanStone

ScanStone potato preparation equipment manufacturer RGS Forfar and harvest machine maker Scott’s Industries, had their first joint stand at the Cereals Event since starting a product development, manufacturing and marketing alliance.

“Our two product ranges are complementary and are built at different times of year, so it makes every sense to pool resources,” says Derek Scott. “We’ll benefit from each other’s expertise and bringing component production of some RGS equipment into our workshops will improve our cost-efficiency.”

Work has already begun on the companies’ first joint-venture project, a high-spec two-row windrower that will complement the current Scotts machine.

“The new machine will have a floating rather than fixed head assembly – comprising the shares, Diablo and discs – to work effectively on undulating ground. It will adopt the CAN-Bus electronic controls developed for ScanStone separators.

“It may also have a 1.8m conveyor so that the machine can lift and place enough rows to accommodate a harvester and trailer running alongside without displacing any ridges,” he adds.

The ScanStone RGS5215-W separator is a new addition to the RGS Forfar range and the company’s biggest model yet. Equipped with five or six separating webs, the lengthy machine is clearly destined for large potato fields where managing director Gordon Skea says it will achieve up to 20% more throughput than the next-biggest machine in the range.

There are 1,500mm and 1,700mm wide versions, both available with two-way drive to the overhead scrubber web – so it can help convey stone up the webs when working downhill or tackle stubborn clods by reversing the drive for a more aggressive action.

A new version of the Scotts Trinity 22B flail topper is reckoned to leave a cleaner finish than similar implements. Designed originally for daffodil bulbs, which have very light, difficult to clear tops, it is expected to also perform well clearing potato haulm.

“It uses the same staggered flail and shear plate chopping system as our current machines but a vee-shaped baffle beneath the hood that places the chopped material directly in front of the wheels,” explains Derek Scott. “It leaves a really good finish that makes lifting the crop cleanly a lot easier.”

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