Shelbourne’s ‘farmer’ hedge cutters trim prices

With a combination of high-end features, lighter weight and lower prices, Shelbourne Reynolds Engineering is confident that farmers who like to carry out their own hedge maintenance work will be attracted to the first models in the company new reach mower range.

Designed to complement the contractor-class MD and HD machines, the 5m reach Shelbourne 350 is a fixed-frame model mirrored in the slew-arm series by the Shelbourne 450.

Standard on both models is a slide-mount 1.2m flail head with belt drive, double-skin construction and 100mm (4in) roller. Parallel boom geometry, twin pump 50hp hydraulics and cable controls are also part of the package.

Buyers can swap the cable controls for an oil-over-oil proportional joystick and add hydraulic adjustment to the fail head roller if they wish. Float kits and road lighting can also be added to the basic specification.

“When tasked with producing a more economical range of reach arm machines, our design team decided on on upper weight limit of 1100kg, a basic yet strong construction and non-telescopic booms,” says Neil Smith, sales and marketing manager.

“They have created a very good trimmer with many high-end features but at a lower price than our MD and HD models command.”

As part of the range reorganisation, the Shelbourne HD becomes the 700 Series next year and gains an additional model.

With its 6.7m boom, the HD767 VFR forward reach machine is believed to be the largest of its type available. Being able to place the flail head 1.7m ahead of the boom should give the operator a good view of his work.

It will come with 1.2m or 1.5m cutting heads, inboard or outboard belt drive and the same proportional joystick system fitted to the existing HD62 VFR machine.


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