Sima 2013: Chaser offers a better bin for your buck

Chaser bins are pretty specialist bits of kit, but the latest from Perard makes them just a tad more affordable.

The X-Flow has been designed as a simple, lower tech version of the Interbenne – the French firm’s high-capacity, 4m-reach chaser.

There’s only a single axle, 20t version of the X-Flow but a larger twin axle set-up is in the pipeline. The 600mm unloading auger is front-mounted and extends 2m from the chaser’s sidewall. The girthy auger also means the grain discharge rate can be as high as 20t/min.

The 3.5m width might make it less practical on UK roads, but the wide, prairie-style stance of the X-Flow means it should compete with popular models such as the Horsch Titan. And if minimising compaction is your thing then it can be specified with Soucy tracks.

No prices have been announced, but expect the X-Flow to be about 20% cheaper than the Interbenne.

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