Sima 2013: Flexible drill swaps from cereals to maize with ease

A number of manufacturers are building flexible cultivator drills now and Maschio is the latest to join the club.

The hefty Corona model – launched at the 2013 Sima show – has a three-point linkage on the back so that different seeding units can be attached.

That means it can switch from cereals to maize in a matter of minutes.

Up front, it has a double set of 510mm discs to churn up a seed-bed and these are followed by a massive set of rubber packer wheels. Maschio says these are about the same size as those fitted to a typical telehandler and they make it much easier to pull.

That said, 250hp is the minimum, even on light ground.

A 3,500-litre hopper sits on top of the main frame.

This holds seed when planting cereals and fertiliser when the maize drill is attached.

The 6m folding machine with disc coulter drill costs about £110,000.

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