Small, high-spec muckspreaders set for UK market

French muckspreader maker Chevance has extended its Sniper range with a new single-axle 12cu m model designed for use on hilly land.

It becomes the smallest machine available with an empty weight of 4.7t and loading height of 2.3m, but it still makes use of features typically found on the bigger models.

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Spec details include an on-board weighing system, an electronic control box with various automated options and a mobile hammer system on the vertical beaters that is designed to smash up straw manure and throw compost further.

Chevance claims it is capable of accurately dishing out dosages from 2t/ha to 50t/ha and a retractable border shutter avoids flinging loads into the hedge. The company is currently on the look-out for a UK importer. 

Chevance Sniper 12 08

Maximum cubic volume under the door 

12cu m 

Carrying capacity 


Weigth when empty 


Total weight when loaded 


Height of the load 



620/75 R 26 

Required power

90/100 hp 


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