Solar-powered LED floodlight needs no mains power

Most farms have outlying barns and sheds where there’s no mains power. That’s no problem in the daytime, but no fun if you have to rely on a torch after dark.

However, Berkshire firm Bright Spark Solar reckons it has the answer with its latest 44-LED solar-powered floodlight.

The lithium-ion battery is fully charged after nine hours of bright sunlight, it says, which then gives five nights of light from the low-wattage LED floodlight. 

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Two screws secure the solar panel bracket and another two screws let you fit the floodlight to a wall. 

A PIR motion sensor detects movement up to 5m away and across a 120deg field.

This triggers the floodlight to come on with the full 1,000 lumens, equivalent to a 120W light bulb, but returns to a light-saving mode of 100 lumens when activity is no longer detected after 30sec. 

A 3.5m cable allows the solar panel to be mounted some way from the LED floodlight.

Made from aluminium alloy with a toughened glass lens, the LED floodlight is weatherproof to IP65 and measures 24x12x9cm, with the solar panel measuring just 27x18x2cm.

It costs £66 plus VAT.


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