Spearhead launches new arm mower models

Spearhead has announced that it will have several new models from its best-selling range of reach arm mowers.


Its flagship range for heavy users gains the 800T model with 8m reach and a telescopic arm. High-powered 85hp hydraulics are fitted and the firm says the new model has good arm geometry.

The series now includes six different models with reaches ranging from 5.6 to 8m – two of which feature a variable forward reach (VFR) option.

Also new is the Twiga Mid series. Designed for contractors, farmers and local authorities, the range includes four new models offering a reach of between 5 and 6.5m.

The company will also be showing its new control system, Pro Pilot, which has been designed for professional-spec reach arm mowers. Pro Pilot allows simultaneous control of height, reach and head-angling – making it ideal for verge-mowing and hedge-cutting operations.

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