Sprayer blue-light system makes spray pattern easier to see

BlueBeam on a sprayer

Tyri, part of a worldwide lighting group, is the latest company to launch a blue-light system for sprayers.

Called the Tyri BlueBeam, it is said to help sprayer operators see that the spray pattern is uniform.

It also makes it possible to spray at dusk.

BlueBeam light for sprayer

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The BlueBeam has a IP69K rating, meaning the electrics are protected from the moisture generated by sprayer nozzles. 

The bright blue light of the BlueBeam is also more effective than a white LED or halogen light, says the company, giving a clearer view of the nozzle spray and helping to identify when a nozzle is blocked or not fully operational.

The Tyri 1010 BlueBeam is also designed to perform as a long-distance beam light, giving a high light output in a concentrated area.

This allows the light to be directed across the boom arms, highlighting the sprayer heads and illuminating the spray.

Each unit covers 20m of boom width and costs £115.

Both a 24m and 36m boom would need two units, at a cost of £230.