Amazone launches more precise trailed spreader models

German implement maker Amazone is offering the first trailed fertiliser spreader models with online weigh cell calibration.

Building the technology into trailed machines has always been a problem as a double frame is needed to separate the hopper and chassis to accommodate sensitive weigh cells, all while remaining stable.

The geeks solved the puzzle during the design of the ZG-TS 01 spreaders, which have a weigh cell under each corner of the hopper, plus a tilt sensor to compensate for slopes.

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Widely used on mounted units for many years, the main advantage of the weighing system is that the metering shutter slide is always in the right place for accurate spreading.

It also calculates the amount of product required to finish the area or field being treated and the exact quantity of product can be loaded for smaller jobs, so that leftovers in the hopper are avoided.

For improved safety on the road, the weigh cells also feed load info into an electronic braking system that matches braking force accordingly.

The ZG-TS 01 spreaders have a 28deg steering axle, are available in 7,500-litre and 10,000-litre hopper capacities and will spread up to 54m.

A neat optional extra on both the trailed and mounted spreaders includes Wind Control, which integrates an anemometer to monitor wind speed and compensate for side, tail or head winds by adjusting delivery of material or disc speed. Where conditions are too windy, drivers will get a warning in the cab.

New mounted sprayer offers more tank capacity

© Sven Kleinewoerdemann

Amazone UF 2002 sprayer © Sven Kleinewoerdemann

Amazone has increased the capacity of its UF series mounted sprayers, with the previous flagship 1,800-litre machine now surpassed by the 2,000-litre UF 2002.

A revamped tank sits closer to the tractor to maintain even weight distribution and is attached using a new quick coupling system, with the front of the tank free from any hoses and brackets.

The sprayer is pressurised by a new 250- or 300-litres/min piston-diaphragm pump that uses a larger piston with a shorter stroke, which should put less strain on the diaphragm.

Its induction hopper has been upgraded from 55 litres to 60 litres and has a suction capacity of 150-litres/min. Boom options range from 15m to 30m.

Smart boom technology available for trailed sprayer models

© Sven Kleinewoerdemann

Amazone UX 01 Super © Sven Kleinewoerdemann

The company’s updated mid-sized UX 01 Super trailed sprayer is available with a new boom guidance system.

With many sprayers now having 25cm nozzle spacing, boom heights down to 35cm are required and with it accurate and fast-acting boom control systems to safely maintain lower heights at fast forward speeds.

The ContourControl system uses six ultrasound sensors across the boom to maintain height through its hydraulic system, which can also angle the left and right booms independently on undulating ground.

As on optional extra with ContourControl, SwingStop reduces horizontal movement using acceleration sensors on the tip of each boom.

Two independent rams at the back then compensate when travelling around bends, reducing over and under dosing.

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