Agritechnica 2023: Amazone CurveControl improves fert spreader accuracy

Automatic turn compensation is already an established piece of technology on high-end crop sprayers, but it’s now coming to the world of granular fertiliser spreaders.

Amazone’s CurveControl works by automatically adjusting the rate and spread pattern as the machine travels around a corner, avoiding over-dosing plants on the inside of the bend and depriving those on the outer edge.

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It also makes sure product isn’t flung over the field boundary.

The system is being developed for the ZA-TS mounted fertiliser spreader and the ZG-TS trailed models and, because the machines already have the ability to alter the spread pattern automatically, it will come in the form of a software update.

CurveControl can work in tandem with other Amazone systems such as WindContol and AgusTwin, which monitors the quality of the spread pattern using radar sensors and automatically adjusts it on the move.

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