APV extends PS applicator options with new distribution head

Austrian outfit APV has launched a new mushroom-shaped distribution head for its small PS pneumatic applicators.

Rather than having a clutch of pipes crammed directly below the metering unit, the new setup sees the product exit through a single large-bore tube.

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Buyers can spec 12, 24, 32 or 36 outlets on the main head, from which grain or fertiliser is ferried through 25mm bores to be deposited behind the cultivator or drill. There’s also a 48-outlet version that uses smaller 19mm pipework.

Each distribution head can cover up to 6m, and owners of the firm’s bigger PS 800-1600 applicators have the option of rigging up two from a single tank to provide a total of 64 outlets.

Potential uses include applying cover crops or fertiliser, or pairing it with a cultivator to form a relatively low cost pneumatic drill for grain, rapeseed, grass or legumes.

Switching between products involves swapping the seed shafts on the slide-in cassette to regulate outputs.

The kit is £800, pictured on the firm’s popular PS300 M1 tank (£4,450).

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