Better weighing system for KV’s Exacta fertiliser spreader

Greater spreading accuracy and reliability are claimed highlights of Kverneland’s new mid-range Exacta CL W Pro fertiliser spreader, which is a more sophisticated and better-equipped machine than the CL EW model it replaces.

In contrast to its predecessor’s single weigh cell, the newcomer has four 2.5t scales, plus a reference sensor.

It enables the spreader to carry out frequent calibration checks on the move, so that any variation in material spreading characteristics can be compensated.

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This may result from an uneven batch of bulk fertiliser or changing ambient conditions during the day – temperature and humidity can influence the flow of material.

The more sophisticated weighing, calibration and control system also enables owners to purchase a licence for basic Geospread section control.

This automatically adjusts the working width approaching angled headlands and where tramlines converge.

In base form, priced at £15,910, the Exacta CL W Pro is a 1,300-litre spreader, but its capacity can be increased using extensions to 1,800, 2,300 and 2,800 litres.

The working width ranges from 10m to 33m, depending upon the fertiliser being spread.

Each of its two discs carries eight vanes. These are fed from Kverneland’s CentreFlow distribution system, which accelerates the fertiliser as it flows from the hopper to minimise potential vane impact damage.

Standard specification includes LED road lights, an ExactLine border spreading device, a folding hopper cover, hopper sieves and mudguards to shield the discs and vanes from mud and dust thrown up by the tractor wheels.

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