Bredal improves section control on F4W fertiliser spreader

Bredal’s new mounted fertiliser spreader capable of a 40m throw and more accurate section control is now available through North Yorkshire distributor KRM.

The Isobus-ready F4W comes with a 12-section setup that can adjust spread independently to either side when working into awkward-shaped corners and automatically switches on or off at the headland.

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Two 20cm-wide hydraulically driven belts meter the product from the hopper onto 80cm-diameter spreading discs, so there is no need for agitation and the potential to damage lighter-weight fertiliser as with conventional gravity-fed machines.

This arrangement also means the spreader can work with a wider range of materials, says KRM, including prilled and granular fertilisers, straights, blends and more difficult materials such as salts.

The discs, which carry carbide-coated vanes, spin inwards to create a double-double overlap spread pattern and take their drive from either a pto and V-belt combination or hydraulic motors on each side.

Hopper sizes run from 1,500 litres up to 4,000 litres, and standard spec includes weigh cells with a built-in tilt sensor for slopes, LED rear lights and an access ladder. Hopper extensions and manual or hydraulic covers are optional.

Prices start at £23,450.