Fledbag offers controllable bulk bag emptying

For those who want a little more control when emptying bulk bags of seed or fertiliser, Devon importer Amia has begun selling the Fledbag.

The nifty tool comes in two guises – one for single-use bags and one for reusable versions – and has an adjustable opening that allows precise amounts of product to be released.

Disposable bags are handled with the Fledbag Original, which has a spiked “chisel tip” that punctures the bag as it is dropped on to the tool. Vanes on the side of the tool hold it securely in place.

The Fledbag Original uses a spike to puncture the bag and vanes to hold itself in place

The flow can then be controlled using an adjustable gate valve that offers rates of 200-700kg/min.

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To prevent damage from awkwardly dropped bags, the tool uses a tough polyamide glass fibre and all metal parts are stainless steel or galvanised to resist corrosion.

Fledbag device attached to a bulk bag

The Fledbag Easy attaches to reusable bags with a quick-release ring clip

For reusable bags, the Fledbag Easy fits into the tube on the bottom of the bag and is secured using a quick-release ring clip. The rest of the components are the same as the Original model.

The tools are made in Austria and both have the same asking price of £124.95.